Wasteland-2--Director-s-Cut-Review Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Review

   20/10/2015 at 17:21       Chris OToole       0 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - RPG, Squad, Turn Based, Fallout

War. War never changes.

Certainly not top down isometric post apocalyptic war anyway. That always look a bit like the Fallout series. At least in this case such comparisons are warranted as the developers, inXile were indeed partly responsible for Fallout in the first place.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut sees you tasked with investigating the murder of Ace, a wasteland ranger cut down in his prime. This inauspicious beginning will see you exploring a massive world, all the while uncovering a massive story and more side missions than you could possibly count. Don't be surprised to find your life eaten up for weeks.

First off you'll have to create your squad, you are given full control here, you can choose all preset rangers, or go nuts and create your own protagonists while obsessing over every little detail. I went with halfy-half for my squad of badasses, but Farski the sultry Russian sniper remained my clear favourite, so maybe there is something to be said for creating your own heroes.

Also for the first time Wasteland 2: Director's Cut allows you to outfit your guys with perks and quirks. My favourite one being 'asshole', you get new dialogue options, but can't choose the nice guy or badass ones, just the asshole ones. It's life written large.

The director's cut also stuffs in more quests, loot and tactical options for your turn based battles, the latter being tense affairs, even on the easier difficulties. Don't go expecting a smooth ride if you Leroy Jenkins a raider camp, being able to think is a necessity.

There are a couple of areas in which this wasteland feels just a little low budget however. Some of the characters you meet have been blessed with a bunch more recorded dialogue, this is great news! I hear you cry, but it's not so great when it has blatantly been recorded by two different artists. It's jarring and pulls you out of the game.

Another slightly more important niggle is the size of the text. It's just about readable for my old fart eyeson a 50" television, but it's far from comfortable to do so. A text size option would be a Godsend.

Those worried about Wasteland 2: Director's Cut controlling badly because of it's origins as a PC game can rest assured though, this works brilliantly on a pad, with very intelligent use of selection wheels.

Setting the niggles aside Wasteland 2: Director's Cut is an epic old-school adventure for the brave, and if you have the eyes for it I seriously recommend taking a trip into this radioactive playground.

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