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Review by Dean Davis.


WWE 2K19 the latest instalment of the annual wrestling game by Yukes/2K is by far the biggest, boasting an obscene roster, new and returning modes including a brilliant revamped career mode that takes a lead from the 2K basketball games. You start off on the independent scene as a rookie working your way towards a lucrative move to the wrestling juggernaut WWE. Along your journey you get to upgrade your characters stats, move set and appearance as well as getting into feuds with rival stars fuelling your march towards superstardom in the house that A. J. STYLES. BUILT! (17 years after the first show, is AJ Styles a timelord?) Showcase mode returns throwing the career of Daniel Bryan into the spotlight, allowing you to go back and recreate his best matches throughout his career in WWE. A new mode included which I personally love is tower mode, if you ever played fighting games at the arcade that’s tower mode, you start at the bottom of the tower and work your way to the top one match at a time, just with wrestlers and all of the carnage you would expect from a wrestling game.

Thankfully and finally this year the game has started to move away from the tedious monotony of super simulation and Yukes have injected some fun back into the series, with that said the frequency of AI reversals can get a bit overbearing, unless you are a series veteran you will almost certainly have to lower the AI sliders in the settings at least to begin with while you learn the controls. The AI can constantly stun lock a new player for a good while and that can get very egregious just watching the AI absolutely destroying you while you are completely powerless. 

Now, let’s talk about the roster… 

It’s massive, almost too big if that’s possible *Spoiler it’s not* WWE 2K19 features 252 superstars old and new and that’s not to mention all of the custom stars that you can add from the creation suite! The game features pretty much everyone from RAW/Smackdown and NXT with a healthy selection of stars from the past. There is one notable absence and that is the current NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa, this is possibly for contractual reasons but I like to think that it’s because he is the greatest heel in recent times and refuses to be included to troll the fans.

As I touched on briefly, this massive roster can be added to considerably via the creation suite where you can spend hours creating original stars and/or monstrosities to your hearts content, or you can download a wide selection of custom characters from the community, a community that has become synonymous with recreating legends of yesterday, stars missing from the game or just the best from other promotions to jaw dropping likenesses that could easily pass as native to the game. Through this same creation suite, you can create anything from characters, arenas, rings, belts, signs, logos and more. The scope for customisation is endless and that is where the universe mode comes into its own, if you want to create completely fictitious brands and shows you can do that or you could say… re-create the old WWF/WCW Monday night wars and watch that play out with all the authentic tools at your disposal. It’s also worth noting that finally, FINALLY you can add more championships to a brand in Universe mode now and even change the composition of them. If you want to swap out the women’s title for the hardcore title you now can, something that I’ve wanted forever.

A good wrestling game almost lives and dies by the way it presents the spectacle of wrestling, perfectly recreating an iconic ring entrance can really get the adrenaline pumping and WWE 2K19 is outstanding in this respect. The sights and sounds of WWE are recreated down to the last detail (The Ultimate Warriors tassels are on point!) I created a battle of the tassels match between Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man and Brutus Beefcake, Beefcake is now the 90’ Intercontinental champion.

The game does feature a pretty hefty and somewhat unnecessary loot box mechanic to unlock new moves, entrances and attire etc. it only uses in game currency and to an extent I can see why it’s there but I just think a bit too much stuff is locked behind what it is a random mechanic so it’s a pain if you want something specific to complete a character but it’s in the old loot box pool. It’s only a minor gripe though as all the big stuff can be unlocked manually in the unlockables menu, stuff like characters, arenas and belts. 

All in this a very good step forward for the 2K series and I hope that they continue towards a more arcade experience going forward, basically all I want is WWF No Mercy with modern graphics, that’s it, that’s literally all I want! Make it happen 2K.

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