Ubisoft ditches game manuals in PS3 and 360 releases

   20/04/2010 at 07:43       Phil May       0 COMMENTS.
Source - Kotaku
 - Ubisoft, Game manuals, death of, smell, sniff

EA's have a subtle pineapple-like tang to them. Activision's smell a little like the rotting woody-musky smell you'd imagine Bobby Kotick's aftershave smells of. Ubisoft's? Well, they're slightly garlicky but soon the connoisseurs of game-manual sniffing will be a dying breed as Ubisoft has vowed to go "all digital and in game" for its manuals with the next bunch of releases.

Already as popular as a randy dog at a miss lovelylegs contest for their utterly hopeless DRM stuff on PCs, Ubisoft are looking to further jack up their revenue streams by taking away those lovely shiny and utterly useless bits of paper that accompany your games.

No word has been mentioned of the hard grafters who have to put manuals together, and what they'll be given to do instead.

A moment's silence then for the mighty game manual, and the encyclopaedic volumes that used to accompany great games like Falcon 4.0 and Civilisation.

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