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RedLynx developed Xbox Live Arcade title Trials Evolution, the sequel to the hugely popular Trials HD, has been leaked onto the internet, admitted its publisher Ubisoft today.

A number of filesharing websites are distributing the torrent for this partially complete version of the game, which is only playable on modified consoles, and nefarious users have uploaded gameplay videos to YouTube - most of which have already been taken down.

User jenkki, posting on the official RedLynx forum released the following statement:

"Unfortunately there has been some unofficial information coming out ahead of the development process. We assure you we are aware of these and will be tackling the issue with our partners.

"Here is an important thing for you to know: the leaked version does not have any online functionality, which is crucial to the Trials experience. Lead boards, friend challenges, online multiplayer and global track sharing are all fundamental features of the game which cannot be fully experience ahead of launch.

"Even single player uses an asynchronous multiplayer feature in a new way. Without these core online features, the game cannot be experience properly before launch.

"We're continuing to polish and finish up the game, and we'll have a new trailer coming soon which will give people a much better look into everything the game will hold and when they can expect to see it."

Neither Ubisoft nor Red Lynx have confirmed an official release date for Trials Evolution but the footage suggests the game isn't too far from completion. Whether Microsoft is keeping it up its sleeve in order to heavily promote it during its Summer of Xbox Live Arcade remains to be seen.

Check out a legitimate and official trailer for the game below.

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ilmaestro - on 31/01/2012 at 00:54 wrote:
Goddam nefariousers. :(

peej - on 31/01/2012 at 08:38 wrote:
So I wonder which games site's going to steal a march on the others, illegally download it, and review it as the full version. I can see a few are champing at the bit :)

HairyArse - on 31/01/2012 at 11:35 wrote:
Thing is, anyone that does that, sets themselves up to look stupid if RedLynx decides not to release the game until June.

peej - on 31/01/2012 at 11:45 wrote:
It does mean that when the official release date is announced, all those naughty little buggers who did jump in early will be able to subvert the 'embargo' and write it up though. So if anyone paid through the nose for an exclusive on this, they're going to be feeling a bit bloody stupid :)

Ironlungs76 - on 31/01/2012 at 12:14 wrote:
There are more youtube videos doing the rounds today and it looks like a 100% finished build.

I totally disagree with the pirating of this title though, RedLynx are a small dev (recent ubisoft takeover aside) that have a history of producing excellent games at very cheap prices.

Hopefully this won't take the wind out of RL's sails when they do get around to formally announcing the release date, which is going to be "soon".

Before Summer of Arcade please :)

peej - on 31/01/2012 at 17:57 wrote:
Real shame. Hopefully it'll result in a few banned account. Or at the very least certain accounts being locked out of being able to compete in the online league tables and multiplayer stuff.

Can't wait for it to arrive though. Day one purchase.

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