The-Magic-Circle--Gold-Edition-Review The Magic Circle: Gold Edition Review

   08/07/2016 at 20:23       Chris OToole       0 COMMENTS. - Score 5/5
 - FPS, Puzzle, Coding, Unique, BUY IT

The Magic Circle: Gold Edition is an extremely clever game. A game in which you find yourself placed, or maybe you hacked in. Either way it's unfinished. Or is it? The developers appear as floating eyes and have arguments about whether you should be allowed weapons or not. Spoiler: They decide not.

As they bicker above you like Gods, story elements unfold, one of the developers wants to be fired, as she can't quit for contractual reasons, so she wants you to help her bring the game down. But the all powerful head of studio and his sycophantic junior have other ideas. This is game of discovery however, so to delve deeper into the story would be to do it a disservice. Suffice to say it had me hooked, and the more you discover about the game world leads to a greater understanding of the whole concept.

There is no hand holding at all in The Magic Circle: Gold Edition, you are told the basics and let go to explore and discover as you'd like. You are able to suck energy from 'tears' in the game world and use this to alter it. You could use it replace a bridge that has been deleted from the game for example, but its most important use is to alter assets. Early on a critter bounced out of a cave and was intent on eating me for lunch, but with a stab of a button I can suspend it in the world and alter its core values. I can rename it to Bumfudge, instead of ATTACKING PLAYER, I can make it PLAYER FRIEND. I can even change it's properties so that it can be picked up. And chucked off a cliff. I totally did that.

The properties you can tweak are copious and varied, and only through playing about with them will you discover what they can do, it's a real voyage of discovery. You could have a menagerie of variously skilled creatures at your beck and call, or you could decide to have a Swiss army beast. It'd entirely up to you.

At it's heart The Magic Circle: Gold Edition is a truly original exploration puzzle game, and in writing this review I wasn't surprised to find out that the developers have worked on such greats as Bioshock, Deus Ex and Dishonored. This game truly has to be played to be appreciated. Read nothing more about it and go and buy it. Then come back and tell me in the comments that I was right.

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