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   19/04/2016 at 18:31       ALex Vaughan       0 COMMENTS. - Score 3/5
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This is the sequel to a game I have never heard of, and something I probably would have continued to never hear of without a review code coming my way. The options upon loading it up show me it has been designed for VR, and may be going after the new audience I’m not a part of yet, opposed to a standard PC release. 

However i’m quite pleased it did come my way, as it’s definitley my kind of thing. This is a game built around the final escape from Venom in Lylat Wars, or the Captain Falcon escape mission in the amazing F-Zero GX. There must be other examples not from Nintendo but I can’t think of any and fuck you Nintendo for not following up on GX you wanks. 

Each level is a tunnel which is slowly exploding and closing around you in which you have to fly a speedy ship through to escape in time before you crash into a wall or you explode because of reasons. It’s not really explained why you have to fly into and escape these tunnels of death, but it doesn’t really matter. Some missions are timed, some involve you having to shoot things (this happens automatically and feels a bit lame/pointless) or having to collect various stuff or coins or other bollocks. The coins are used for upgrades to your ship, or to buy new ships. It’s all a bit superfluous other than extending your boost. There’s a fun risk/reward game to play with the boost, as the longer you use it the more your ship overheats eventually leading to blowing yourself up if you’re not careful. Keeping optimum speed without killing yourself adds some nice tension and keeps things interesting as you make your way through the levels. 

It’s all very throwaway, and the three stars you can earn on each level coupled with the upgrade system and coins made me think this must be a mobile port on PC. Lo and behold, the original game was on mobile and unfortunatley this PC only release shares all the trappings of a mobile game, but thankfully there are no microtransactions to speak of. 

The Collider 2 is a fun distraction (it’s very pretty too) if you like speeding through exploding tunnels/spaceships and it’s good to pick up and play if you only have a few minutes. It’s not gong to change the world and its mobile heretiage does let it down somewhat. With all the extra gumph to make you feel your continously making progress as all games in the world seem to now believe we need, it takes away from the core concept of simple speed and skill. 

Strip all the powerups, coins and upgrades out and just give me a challenge with tests of pure speed and adreniline and I’d be into this more than I was. It’s alright, fun, and may be a wild ride in VR, but sadly it’s nothing more than a throwaway distraction. You’ll be entertained, but looking for something else to play in not too long.

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