Mantis-Burn-Racing-Review Mantis Burn Racing Review

   14/10/2016 at 12:59       Chris OToole       1 COMMENTS. - Score 5/5
 - Racing, Top Down, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Mantis Burn Racing is an overhead viewed racer in the vein of Micro Machines, or if you are old like me, Super Off-road (I'm not going to mention Indy 500 on the VCS, because that makes me feel ancient).

First things first Mantis Burn Racing looks gorgeous from the teensy cars to the tracks themselves, everything is full of character and detail. Destructible objects line the racing surface too, and these prove to be a joy when you power slide through them and watch VooFoo Studio's physics engine at work. Best of all though is that the frame rate is rock solid, I played for a good while and not once did I notice a hitch in the single player campaign, it's a smooth sixty all the way. Of course this does take a hit in the split screen multiplayer modes, but such is life.

Ah yes, multiplayer, the scourge of the indie title, but not here, VooFoo has you covered. Not only do you get a four player split screen option, you also have the opportunity to take your leet racing skill to online races for up to eight players. It works really well too, though everyone there is much, much better than me (which isn't hard, granted).

For the folk who prefer the more solitary career a structured seven seasons awaits you, with branching paths and an RPG style upgrade slot system, so you can customise the three classes of vehicles (dune buggy, road racer and trucks) exactly how you want them. A plethora of game modes are also included, and these help to break up the racing and keep you interested in what is coming up next.

Traditionally this is the place where I list my gripes, but for the price I feel that'd be doing the game a disservice. At a push I'd say Mantis Burn Racing lacks a little front end polish, there's no voice acting, it lacks a proper story and the music is pretty bland and unmemorable, but hey, it's an indie title, not a triple A studio title, and that has its charms too.

All in all then if you have any love at all for top down racers you need Mantis Burn Racing in your life, and if you don't, well give it a try, it may just be the start of a something beautiful.

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