How to get your Nissan talking to your iPhone / iPod Touch via Nissan Connect

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If there's one thing that you can be sure of with your new Nissan, it's that the Nissan Connect in-car entertainment and information system is one complex piece of kit. After twiddling for a week with my new car's NCICE, I thought I'd pass on a few nuggets of wisdom about connecting your iPhone or iPod Touch to the car without having to rifle through hundreds of utterly useless car and iPhone forums.

Assuming you're sat in the car with your iPhone / iPod Touch to hand, let's give it a go

  1. Switch on your iPhone or iPod Touch (duh) and decide whether you want to connect via Bluetooth or USB cable.
  2. If you're opting for Bluetooth, enable Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPod Touch and then go to the Nissan Connect "setup" options,  then the "Bluetooth" setup screen.
  3. Select "pair new device" and wait for a couple of seconds until Nissan Connect sees your iPhone / iPod Touch.
  4. Enter your security code when prompted. If all goes well, you should get a message saying that your device has paired.
  5. Select "Bluetooth Devices" from the Nissan Connect Bluetooth menu and you will see your iPhone / iPod's music playlist. This can now be accessed via the AUX button on your Nissan Connect front panel (AUX is a fussy input, you might have to press the AUX button a couple of times).
  6. For audio streaming, set your iPhone or iPod playing and you'll stream your music direct to Nissan Connect.

Via USB cable you get a few more control options and some nicer features so if you're opting for that method.


  1. Connect your iPhone / iPod Touch to the car via the USB Cable / Input Socket and switch it on.
  2. On the Nissan Connect panel, hit the AUX button
  3. Do it a couple of times (told you it was fussy) until your device appears in the AUX inputs list.
  4. Your iPhone / iPod Touch playlist should now be available. You can mix / shuffle tracks, and scroll through your albums via the Nissan Connect touch panel without needing to touch the iPhone / iPod again.

This was tested using a 16gb iPod Touch 2G and works perfectly. You could just lazily opt for direct input into your car's ICE with the "audio in" socket but where's the fun in that :)

This has been a break from the normal AATG iPhone type coverage. Enjoy!

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peej - on 30/03/2010 at 15:11 wrote:
Feel free to moan and / or delete this, but I had the devil's own job getting this to work and the chances are that a lot of other iPhone / iPod / Nissan owners are too. So...

peej - on 03/09/2010 at 10:05 wrote:
It's a 10 model and the 2nd highest spec so it's got all the gizmos that accompany that. However, the stingy bastards at Nissan are charging an extra 500 quid for this year's sat nav updates rather than the 2008 ones that shipped with the 2010 car.


BTW if you think getting your iPod to work with the car is a fiddle, try pairing a bluetooth phone with it if it's not on Nissan's recommended list. Even the iPhone has trouble. Once it's paired though it stays paired, which is great

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