Fire-Pro-Wrestling-World-PS4-Review Fire Pro Wrestling World PS4 Review

   10/10/2018 at 17:40       Chris OToole       0 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - PS4, Sport, Arcade, Wrestling, Push Tyler Breeze

Fire Pro Wrestling World is an odd beast, a game which promises to bring back the heady days of your youth, when games were simple and fun, but making just enough changes to bring it into the space year 2018. Let's see how it does, shall we?

Fire Pro Wrestling has been about since 1989 on PC Engine, but it's the 1991 version I remember drooling over in the pages of Mean Machines magazine and the like. Still developed by Spike Chunsoft not that much seems to have changed on the surface. It's still a 2D timing based brawler with next to no HUD, If your guy or gal is looking puffed out, you better push the breathe button or you're going to get pinned.

This is about as far away from 2K's WWE games as you can get, playing more like a Streetfighter brawler with light, medium and heavy attacks, and button combinations for specials varying from fighter to fighter. At first in can be a bit maddening to play, you'll get squashed by the AI, but head to the tutorials from the main menu and do a bit of learning and you'll soon be back thirsty for more.

There are so many match types you can choose from your head will spin, from MMA bout to the more fruity side gimmick matches like ladders and land mines. All of this can be enjoyed in four player local or even online at long last. The net code seemed pretty good too, and I had no problem playing enjoyable matches.

One thing the game does lack though is real life licenses, there's no best WWE superstar Tyler Breeze or Daniel Bryan here. Though for the first time they do have the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster so you can get hold of the excellent Kenny Omega. To be fair though the create a wrestler option is much more fun and you can make a wild assortment of beasts.

There's also a single player story mode called the Fighting Road which makes great use of the New Japan Pro Wrestling roster, and though the translation can be a little, shall we say unique, it's all part of the charm.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a great game, it doubles down on its arcade roots, looks just like you remember it looking all those years ago (though in reality it's much improved) and most importantly plays like a dream once you've learned the nuances. If you've ever been a fan you need to get this, and if you haven't? Get it anyway and you will be.

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