E3 2010 - Driver: San Francisco gives Tanner an out-of-body experience

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Ubisoft has revealed a few more details, and the first teaser shots for their upcoming Driver reboot, Driver: San Francisco. Going back to the roots of the series, the game is set in possibly the best location you could set a driving game in. The hills and snakey roads of San Francisco should prove to be a popular choice.

Then we read a little further into the press blurb and spotted this rather interesting "feature" that has previously NOT been revealed about the game. Tanner's back in it, and this time he can "project" himself from one car to another like those creepy dreadlocked bastards in The Matrix: Reloaded.

Sorry, what did you just say? 

Er yes, Tanner has spent the last few years learning how to have out of body experiences. Perhaps he's been studying with some mystic eastern Shaman or something but to quote the press blurb:

"Tanner's been involved in a terrible accident and put in a coma, and it is from this state that he can project out of a crashed vehicle for example, and into a completely different one, continuing the action from it."

Oh...kay. Life On Mars meets Driver? We'll buy it so long as you get to drive Gene Hunt's Cortina from the first series.

Driver: San Francisco should see the light of day sometime in 2011.

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