Aliens-Vs.-Pinball-Review Aliens Vs. Pinball Review

   25/04/2016 at 19:06       Chris OToole       2 COMMENTS. - Score 5/5
 - Pinball FX 2, Zen Studios, Aliens, Shatted Pants
Well holy heck, this was a bolt from the blue. Pinball FX's developers, Zen Studios continue to be the kings of licensing by bagging the rights to this massive sci-fi horror series. I've been pining for more horror themed tables too, so I was more than pleased to be able to check these out.

Like any normal human being I plumped for Aliens first. This may have been a terrible mistake however. Seriously, this table is so good it makes all the others look slightly worse. A fast high-scoring layout awaits and the table includes all the usual Zen Studio's bells and whistles, including mini play fields and even an into the screen driving game where you control the troop carrier with your flippers.

This table really shines in the audio department however, it uses sound clips torn straight from the actual Aliens film, usually Zen use re-recorded lines utilising different actors for the sound bites from its film licensed tables, and as good as they are, they can't compete with the real actor's lines. It makes all the difference and I hope Zen can get the rights to do it more often.

The Alien Isolation table is an intense affair, again you have a limited amount of health, but this can be replenished by hitting the correct ramps, and a limited amount of ammo. The real pants shitting comes when you alert the alien, and you have to make the shot to hide in a tiny locker. If you aren't sweating after a session on this table you may already be dead.

Aliens vs. Predator is a slightly more traditional table, although you do choose which faction you are going to play as on start up. This is probably the best looking table of the three, with an excellent palette and some neat environmental touches. It also seems to be quite easy to trigger multiball on this one so you'll really need to keep those bumper fingers at the ready.

All in all the Aliens table makes this pack essential, it's already one of my favourite tables in the whole of Pinball FX 2, and I can see us having a long and loving affair. This isn't to say the other tables aren't good, they are, but come on, ALIENS!

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