iPhone game dev raises price of game to £23.99 in protest

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If you want to play Alchemize™, a neat little match-em-up game for the iTouch and iPhone, you'd better be prepared to pony up $39.99 (that's £23.99 in countries that matter).

Bit steep for a game that if on the PSP would be called a "mini", right? Well, it's usually $2.99, but Schiau Studios raised the price in protest.

Explaining themselves on a message board, Schiau Studios said:

We do not encourage people buying Alchemize™ at this high price of $39.99.

This price was set due to the fact that every developer who gets complaints about price they tend to go only in one direction. And that is down with the price.
We wanted to get everybody's attention and therefore we did the opposite this time.

We apologize to all real customers for the inconvenient created and thank everybody that already bought and enjoys Alchemize and supported us into this protest. We hope you will stick with us and join our charity campaign starting Monday Oct. 12th, 2009.

Starting Monday Oct. 12th, 2009 we will give away 33% (from the original price tag of $2.99) of the sales to Ioana Costea, a 19year old girl who is asking for the chance to live (her blog for more details at http://bit.ly/Jonvn), as part of our charity program.
NOW, it is time to do something that really matters!


Feel free to support this campaign in any way you want.
You can find contact information on http://www.schiaustudios.com or Ioana's blog (http://bit.ly/Jonvn)

NOTE: To the persons who bought Alchemize™ at the protest price of $39.99, all the money above $2.99 will go to Ioana's Charity Fund. We thank you for your support in this protest.

Thank you all for supporting us.

We don't think the original price for Alchemize™ was all that crazy, especially compared to the premium prices charged by the likes of EA and Konami. Hey, $2.99 is a cup of coffee, or something. Why whine over it?

We hope this protest helps make the point Schiau Studios was trying to make, and doesn't turn gamers sour towards them. At any rate, donating the extra money to a good cause shows that their hearts are in the right place.

The price of the game on the UK store remains at £23.99 as of now.
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