X-Morph-Defense--European-Assault-Review X-Morph Defense: European Assault Review

   03/04/2018 at 12:50       Chris OToole       0 COMMENTS. - Score 4/5
 - Tower Defence, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Shoot Em Up

Review by Dean Davis

X-Morph Defense: European Assault is a blend between an old school shmup and a wave-based tower defence game, the nice twist with this title is that it actually depicts you as the invading alien force come to conquer Earth. You are given an array of different weapon types with which to dispatch enemies and the ability to cloak yourself which lets you move through objects and remove yourself from dangerous situations where you may have backed yourself into a corner, it has proved invaluable and saved me from some sticky situations more times than I can mention. You are also given access to traditional tower defence structures that can be used to manipulate the route that ground forces take to your base and causing some damage to the oncoming enemy horde, used strategically you can force the enemy to take a long-winded path to your base passing towers twice along the way to maximise their impact. These can be placed at the start of a new wave or during it which is a nice touch. 

Enemy variety is generally very good and each type provides a different threat for you to overcome, attack helicopters and fighter jets come straight for you, APC’s are numerous and fast, these aim to keep your towers busy while the tanks take a slow and steady route for your home base generally soaking up any damage that your towers can deal out. This means that you’re constantly juggling between the immediate aerial threat to yourself and the slow, devastating onslaught of the tank columns to your base.

This cosy pattern doesn’t last long however as the inconsiderate Earthling’s soon start switching up their tactics, they introduce mechwalkers into the equation and these can jump over your tactical fences, the aerial threat suddenly switches attention to your base forcing you to lay down anti air towers. We also have the inclusion of giant bosses, these aren’t as frequent as I’d like but when you get to face one it’s a big deal, they stand as humanities last line of defense and they don’t mess around! they stomp around the map causing chaos as they go and do some serious damage to your ship. Just like an old school shmup the action is manic and relentless, the tower defense elements add an extra layer of tactical thinking to the mix and compliments the game very well, although with a controller I found placing towers a bit fiddly (it was fine with mouse and keyboard) the game looks, runs and sounds great, with the addition of local co-op X-Morph Defense: European Assault is definitely the kind of game that I will continue to dip back into every now and then for some chaotic fun.

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