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Zen Studio's Pinball FX2 has been the gold standard of Pinball games, sure Pinball Arcade has real life tables as its selling point, but Zen Studios managed to make craft, variety and fun theirs.

Which leaves us begging the question of where does the Hungarian developer go for the next generation Pinball FX3? Well first things first any tables you have already bought in Pinball FX2 can be imported into the new game free of charge, and they have all been given the requisite spit and polish you'd expect from Zen. The colours pop, the scrolling is smooth and I'm sure the effects work has also been stepped up a few notches. Comparing the Doctor Strange and Walking Dead tables between FX2 and FX3 is revelatory. There has been some serious graft done here.

Unfortunately there's a handful of tables that don't import for rights reasons, so if you are a massive fan of Streetfighter, South Park, Miss 'Sposion Man, Ninja Gaiden or Plants vs. Zombies you are sadly SOoL.

In happier news Pinball FX3 has launched with an all new table pack, namely Universal Classics Pinball which includes three brand new play-fields for you to get your wizard on in. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws and the Back to the Future Trilogy are the themes that await you, and they are superbly well crafted, showing off the improvements the developers have made to the engine, with interesting and varied game modes, hidden play-fields and fun mini games.

Ingeniously though none of the above is what make Pinball FX3 essential. Zen Studios have managed to reinvent they way you play, giving you many more options than the usual three balls and done chasing the score motif. First off you can play this 'pure', you don't have to play with the new bells and whistles and everything has its own scoreboard, so purists have nothing to worry about. Every table now has unlocks, hit the bumpers a few dozen times and you'll level your bumper score, same for skills shots and combos etc, it gives a real sense of progression to your play, and of course, bigger scores. You also have Wizard Powers to unlock for each table, this is done by hitting unlock scores on one ball, survival or timed modes, and again, this is all very fun. These powers are activated with the Y button and have you choosing between a small time rewind, score boost or slow motion.

For the more socially minded amongst you hotseat mode returns in which you pass the controller, but unfortunately split screen is out. User created tournaments are easily made for your chums to try though, and these can even be password protected to keep the unwashed away. Also included is a rather clever league mode, you make you points over the week across four randomly chosen tables and when it resets you'll find out whether you've made the grade to move up a tier or not. Again it's adding layer of addictiveness on to an already compulsive game.

Pinball FX is no doubt the premier video-gaming pin-balling experience, and with Pinball FX3 Zen Studios have ensured that this polished gem is worthy of the next generation. Prepare to lose many more hours cursing gutters and the pinball Gods.

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Enjoyed this, cheers!
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Looks who's back. Shady's back.
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Micro Machines was my favourite!
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