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Review by Ashley Fiddes

Demon Gaze II is an addictive, sometimes challenging, first person dungeon crawler developed by Kadokawa Games and published by NIS America.  The game starts, as many RPG’s have previously, with you awakening in a strange location, with no memory of how you got there or where you are.  You are then quickly introduced to a few of the core characters from the game and shoved into the first dungeon and eventually your first battle with a demon.  From here you are quickly whisked away to a secret (not so secret) location, where you meet the rest of the cast and have your importance in defeating the big bad (in this case Lord Magnastar – an evil dictator who is using human souls to fuel his star power) explained to you before being sent off to capture demons.    

Story is important to Demon Gaze II, you are likely to spend as much, if not more, of your time in the game watching beautifully hand drawn animations fade in and out of the picture as they wax lyrical, either in Japanese or English – I was surprised to find myself switching back to the English VO as I found it to be the stronger of the two, with occasional dialogue choices added in for good measure. Also, there is a delightful visual effect when you select the “good or bad” options and it is clear to see what your team thought of your choice.  Early on you are established as the resistance who uses a private radio station to spread the truth about Magnastar to the otherwise oblivious townspeople.  

You play a demon gazer – someone who is able to pull demons into their soul and turn them into a loyal companion, using them to defeat and capture the resident demons in a number of locations and destroy the mysterious crystals that are affecting the radio broadcasts.  It's while you are out in one of the four major locations that the game is at its best, you map out an area step by step as you attempt to locate summoning circles – which need to be cleared before opening a portal into a pocket dimension that the demon resides in.  Every dungeon follows a set routine where you find the first few summoning circles, you get a mid-level boss fight with the demon when at the mid-way point before unlocking the portal, solving a simple puzzle and battling the final form of the demon.  They are then captured and brought back to the secret (not so secret) hideout upon which they are free to join your party for future excursions. 

A small map is always on display and a quick button press brings up the full size version to help you understand missed areas, making traversing the world easier.  Oh, and see, that missed door near the middle of the map, no problem just auto route it.  I don’t think I can understate how useful auto route was when travelling through the maps.

You can have up to four demons in your party at one time to make a total party size of five which can be moved freely between front and rear lines (front for melee, rear for mage/ranged). I would like to say that all the demons bring something special to the table, and they clearly look as though they will, but have found myself not switching from my original group (not including an early change to include a healer) as the demons you capture all start at level one no matter how far into the story you are. This means lots and lots of grinding to get your new allies to a useable position.  

To help in this the game allows you to set moves for your party during your first battle within a dungeon and then repeat them however many times as you like by simply double tapping triangle.  This is, as I found out, a double edged sword, it's easy to find yourself getting complacent after grinding lower level enemies only to get destroyed by a stronger opponent.  Thankfully, the game has your best interest at heart and it allows an auto revive of the whole party once per battle.  This may be seen as a bit of a cheat but due to the random challenging difficulty spikes in the level and a loss in battle causes a game over and a reload from the title screen; I have embraced the crutch and have on occasion used it as part of a boss strategy.  

The demons themselves, out in the world seem really interesting and it is clever seeing their personality changes as they are converted to your cause.  To help you get to know your demon friends a little better the game allows you to perform maintenance on them.  This sees you use the mysterious crystals you are gathering when you defeat a demon and use them to play a mini game in which you have to ‘touch’ the demon in the perfect spot.  Get a good or a perfect and it will increase your likeability.  Once likability reaches its max, you are able to invite the demon onto a date. These regularly funny, but sometimes a bit creepy scenes really help to flesh out the demons personality to the point that I found myself enjoying these viginettes over the main story.

Overall, my experience with Demon Gaze II has been a positive one. I have enjoyed the dungeon locations and the secrets they hold, the hand drawn art is amazing and truly helps to bring the characters alive (even if they don’t move) and the battle system does enough new to make me sit up and take notice, whilst also giving me the option to not take notice and just breeze through the easier enemies.  A few pacing issues in the story and some slightly questionable choices in a few of the demon’s stories reduce the love a little, but I have no problem recommending the game to all.

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