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   10/09/2015 at 19:59       ALex Vaughan       0 COMMENTS. - Score 2/5
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Like the previous entries in the series, Trine 3 is a beautiful thing to look at. It’s a lovely looking game, with really nice touches and detail in its mystical world of wizards and magic. Such a shame then that by going full 3D in this iteration they managed to fuck it up so royally. 

Trine 3 is a game based on physics puzzles, with three playable characters you can freely switch between to help you navigate through the world. There’s the warrior guy who can push heavy objects around and hit things, the archer girl who has a grappling hook for swinging about, and the wizard who can…well. He can make boxes appear. And move them about. 

This worked in a 2D plane. Jumping, leaping, swinging swooping around was a treat. Even the box puzzles were kind of fun, as you could use the flying boxes to play around with the physics environment for unique and often ridiculous ways to solve the physics based trickery you had to navigate through. 

This time, the way the world and camera is positioned, it’s absolutely dreadful. You can’t see where the fuck you’re supposed to be jumping half the time, let alone positioning any boxes you need properly. My co-op partner and I laughed a lot playing this. I couldn’t breathe at one point, as I watched her float away into the horizon trying to navigate a couple of platforms. As a single player experience this would have been a frustrating horrible mess, at least in co-op you can revive each other and giggle along the way. 

It’s such a shame, as there’s so much inventiveness in the world and puzzles you can see they tried to make something special. Then they made the game camera as useful as a sack of shit. It often cannot decide which of the two co-op players to follow, so doesn’t follow either of you. It sits in the middle of the screen as you’re both stuck behind walls somewhere in the level unable to see where you are. It’s so poor that after 4 levels of this I’ve deleted the game, and now we’re playing Lara Croft Guardian of Light. Again. 

In short: Lovely beautiful handcrafted world. Awful horrible choice to move to 3D. Fucking horrible camera. A story so poor I’m giving them an extra star just for the fact you can skip every cut scene.

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Enjoyed this, cheers!
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Looks who's back. Shady's back.
GOD - In response to: Sniper Elite 4 Review - Xbox One - 332day(s) ago.
Micro Machines was my favourite!
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i agree chris, the Aliens table makes the others look bad.. because its so goood!! but they arent that bad.. haha! ...
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