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Whenever I see tv shows that feature island tribes, I have to say that it seems time management is not exactly highest on the agenda. Sure I suppose you could say that doing things like finding shelter, food and water are all tasks that involve using one’s time carefully. But aside from those obvious important necessities, you’d think that you could do everything else pretty much at your leisure? Of course, that would make a damn dull game, so let’s find out what happens when you give yourself time limits and quotas in Youda Survivor 2.

The game begins with you plonked into some nicely bright and colourful surroundings and are walked through the basic tasks you need to perform. Water is very much at the centre of everything, and is not just for keeping you moist. Small pools are your source of water and they can be topped up through a rain dance that will also give you an additional pool.

From these pools of water, birds come to drink. They in turn lay eggs that attract goats to eat them and whom then drop handily bottled milk. You can scavenge the eggs and milk (although you’ll need to leave some eggs for the goats to eat) and turn them into an ever increasing number of produce. Milk can be powdered and turned into cheese; eggs can be fried and then thrown into omelettes. Each of these processes goes towards fulfilling the goal quotas set out at the start of each stage, and can also be boiled up into healthy potions.

Each ingredient you add to a potion gives a certain amount of replenishing energy. Water must also be boiled to keep you hydrated. You need to keep both levels high as the various cooking tasks can only be activated when your energy levels are high enough. Similarly, if you let your hydration level drop, you’re in danger of passing out and having to restart the level.

You are by no means alone on the island and aside from the tricky task of keeping the tribe in fried eggs; you also have to fend off pesky pirate attackers that will snaffle away your precious produce unless you tap away at them until they are defeated. You’ll also encounter scorpions that drop useful energy points when defeated.

Each level has the obligatory glorious gold, so-so silver, and shameful, shameful bronze time limits to try and beat, with a gradual decline in upgrade points awarded accordingly. Upgrade points are used to unlock and then upgrade various goods from the cooking stations to different tribe dances. Often you will need to unlock or upgrade something before you can begin a level so earning those gold bonus points are what you need to aim for. Handily, you can revisit earlier stages with your enhanced equipment in order to bump up your score.

With birds, goats, pirates, eggs, milk, water, etc all scurrying around in the centre of the screen, things can get quite hectic and busy. Thus keeping track of everything is sometimes very tricky. It’s easy to miss when an egg or milk bottle has been dropped or a nuisance scorpion is making trouble for instance.

With over 100 stages to play through, there’s more than enough to keep you going for many hours. Time management games are very much an acquired taste, but as something of a sceptic myself, I freely admit that this game is easy to become absorbed into. Youda Survivor 2 doesn’t throw anything particularly new into the mix, but it does everything it should do to a high standard. You maybe won’t end up playing through all 100 levels, but once you become hooked you’ll soon find yourself sinking a few hours into it.

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