C64 Emulator sees major overhaul plus 14 new games

   10/08/2010 at 08:10       Richard Horne       4 COMMENTS.
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Stuart Carnie of developer Manomio this week confirmed the first details of the 1.7 update for his popular iPhone Commodore 64 emulator (C64).

Due for imminent release this latest update fixes a whole host of bugs and brings with it plenty of enhancements, but best of all 14 new games.

First those updates:

Control Improvements:

  • Corrected dead area at side of screen in landscape, rendering controls unresponsive for a small strip
  • New fixed-mode joystick in landscape mode, automatically selected for specific games
  • Option on the settings screen to force fixed-mode joystick in landscape mode for all games
  • File-based disk support for multi-disk games. Does not work for those games requiring true 1541 support. (No virtual swapping of disks)
  • Option to adjust dead zone / sensitivity of joystick

Updates Fixes:

  • Upgraded to OpenFeint 2.5
  • Removed bottom bar in full-screen landscape to prevent obscuring screen in games like Wizball
  • Reimplementation of control layout system, to support the complex controls scenarios for games like The Last Ninja and Druid
  • Borders are correctly drawn in landscape (Wizball looks better now)
  • Hi-res icons added for retina and iPad displays so C64 looks better on your home screen

Usability Improvements:

  • Display OpenFeint notifications at top rather than bottom
  • Added grouping to In App Store to separate downloaded / purchased titles
  • Shop now separates downloaded games

And now for the games:

14 New Games:

Carnie also confirmd to TouchArcade that next on his agenda is an Amiga Emulator. If he brings this to the iPad and I can play using the Bluetooth Wii Remote, I'll be overjoyed.

User Comments:

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Retroid - on 10/08/2010 at 11:40 wrote:

DDevil - on 10/08/2010 at 23:58 wrote:
Ooooh, Last Ninja.

HairyArse - on 12/08/2010 at 18:59 wrote:
Does Last Ninja really hold up to this day?

Does any C64 game hold up? :S

peej - on 13/08/2010 at 10:19 wrote:
Oh my, Buggy Boy, I think I played that to pieces but on revisiting the Atari ST version a few months ago, it was surprising how utterly awful it feels now. Slow, frustrating and a bit flaky.

Of the list there though, not many hold up today but The Last Ninja series was definitely one of the tastiest (if most unplayable) games on the C64 by far.

Armalyte's sublime. One of the best shooters on the thing.

Druid? Know what? I think I played that to pieces too - simply because (at the time) there was no better Gauntlet clone available for home systems and I was a complete Gauntlet addict at the arcades and fairs.

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