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Catapult games seem to be springing up out of the woodwork at a rate of knots on the iPhone / iPod Touch. We've already covered the superb Crush the Castle here as you know and that game has pretty much had me hooked since last week.

I picked up Angry Birds at the same time and although it's a shade cheaper at 59p, and offers pretty similar gameplay the two games are worlds apart as far as the way they work goes.

Angry Birds, make up whatever convoluted storyline you like for pitching a bunch of frustrated feathered fiends against a set of slightly braniacally-challenged pigs. Holed up safe in their highly unstable and collapsible pig-pens, your only weapon against these dozy looking porkers is to fire yourself and your chums at them using a giant catapult.

Angry Birds uses a drag-and-let-go stretchy catapult rather than Crush the Castle's superb parabolic-driven trebuchet, nonetheless the game requires a keen eye, and the accurate judgement of the bird's flight path in order to wreak as much destruction as possible. Destroying things equals points, and once you've squished all the nasty little piggies, you can move on to the next level.

Unlike Crush the Castle you have a limited number of birds to fire at the pigs in each case, and some birds have different qualities. Some split into three so you can wreak havoc over a wider area. Some are quite large and heavy and explode on contact, but need slightly more accuracy in order to get the best out of them.

There are 63 levels in the game, so plenty to keep you occupied for a ridiculously cheap price.

Though the iTunes store reviews seem to favour this over Crush the Castle I actually prefer CtC myself, but don't let that put you off. Angry Birds is nicely polished, has some great sound effects and it feels a tad more challenging than CtC.

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