Space Hulk: Tactics Review

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Review by Dean Davis.   Space Hulk: Tactics by Cyanide studio is a turn based strategy game adaption of the Space Hulk board game. First and foremost I feel the need to clarify that I came into this without any real knowledge of Warhammer 40k, I played a bad action game based in the 40k universe once but that’s about it. I therefore had no real expectations or presumptions going in as to what to expect, I also can’t give any c...
Dakar 18 Review

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Review by Rich Boulton.   The Dakar rally presents a fascinating challenge to translate into a game. The annual event covers thousands of miles over 11 days, with a variety of vehicles across harsh, open terrain and incredibly long individual stages. A great deal of the challenge is in the endurance itself, vehicle repairs, navigational challenges. Developers Big Moon have not chosen the path of least resistance in releasing Dakar 18. They could ...
Fire Pro Wrestling World PS4 Review

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Fire Pro Wrestling World is an odd beast, a game which promises to bring back the heady days of your youth, when games were simple and fun, but making just enough changes to bring it into the space year 2018. Let's see how it does, shall we? Fire Pro Wrestling has been about since 1989 on PC Engine, but it's the 1991 version I remember drooling over in the pages of Mean Machines magazine and the like. Still developed by Spike Chunsoft not that much seems to have chan...
Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets an All New Trailer

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People, you are going to need this. Check out the video below for new information on the seamless world quests, new activities (fishing!), first person mode and details of the new and improved dead eye system. We reckon this could be Rockstar's best game yet. Red Dead Redemption 2 releases on the 26th of October for Xbox One and Playstation 4....
DAKAR 18 Released to a Rallying Cry

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Based on the worlds biggest rally raid DAKAR 18 is a realistic simulation of the sport. The game promises a realistic and faithful representation of the South American Mad Max-a-like. The game includes all the major real life teams, vehicles, pilots and racing categories, which include cars, bikes, trucks, quads and SxS. DAKAR 18 also features single player and mutliplayer options, allowing you to race against seven other people online or partake in some good...
The Council Episode 4: Burning Bridges

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Episodic games are super hard to review, I can't tell you much of the story, just a basic overview really. In this second to last instalment decisions you've made in the earlier chapters start to roll in their consequences. Alliances come to light and rivalries come to conclusions. You most likely wouldn't have played the same way as I have, so your story will not be quite the same. It is always interesting though, not quite as edge of the seat as earlier episodes, but it is a good yarn and s...
DiRT Rally 2.0 Slides Into View

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Codemasters have dropped the trailer for DiRT Rally 2.0 directly into our greedy hands for you to check out below. DiRT Rally 2.0 will whisk you away to six rally locations across the world, so you race on a variety of hand crafted stages using cars from throughout the history of the sport. DiRT Rally 2.0 will also feature cars from the 2018 season as well as eight of the official WorldRX circuits at launch.  All you pre-order people will get a special e...
Steins;Gate Elite is coming for Switch and PS4

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Lovely Japanese based studio Spike Chunsoft has just announced that their bonkers anime based game Steins;Gate Elite is all set for release on the 19th of February in the space year 2019. It'll also include the exclusive bonus games of STEINS;GATE: Linear Bounded Phenogram for PlayStation4 and 8-BIT ADV STEINS;GATE for Nintendo Switch. Steins;Gate Elite will be fully remastered with animated scenes straight from the anime, with the hopes of ...
428: Shibuya Scramble Review

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Review by Alex Vaughn   Japan. Another life. A teacher maybe. English of course. A bustling city. Questionable erotism. People. So many doctors, lawyers, coppers, journalists, mascots, couriers, directors and bosses. People. Living life in Tokyo, getting through it.  Crossing paths. Crossing lives. Shibuya’s Crossing. 428: Shibuya Scramble is not the first visual novel i’ve ever played, yet it is the most bizarre,...
Farming Simulator 19 Churns Up A Gameplay Trailer

   21/09/2018 at 13:35       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
GIANTS Software have grown us a lovely new trailer detailing what you are going to get up to in Farming Simulator 19. The game promises to be the deepest and most complete sim yet in the hugely popular series. Striving for accuracy with management options and a sandbox mode featuring two huge maps.  Farming Simulator 19 also boast the largest vehicle and equipment assortment yet seen in the series, with all the real life brands adding to the authenticity...
WWE 2K19 Reveals An All New Career Mode

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The lovely 2K have slipped a brand new MyCAREER mode trailer under the bottom rope for us to feast our hungry eyes on, and yes, that's how they are typing MyCAREER. I know not why. You'll start on the indy circuit before making your way up to the amazing NXT division, before lowering yourself to join RAW, which isn't as good as NXT. So there. Along your path you'll find friends and foe alike among the really strong roster for WWE 2K19, including Brawny Strongman, Spoo...
Solo: A Star Wars Story Pinball FX3 Review

   13/09/2018 at 13:38       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Heralding Solo: A Star Wars Story's release on to whatever home entertainment format you are into Zen Studios have released their latest three table digital package for all of us rebels to enjoy. It's available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10. You'll also be able to pick up the tables individually if you are after them on mobile devices. Solo is the first table up, and it follows the plot of the (actually quite decent, don't listen to the haters) fi...
F1 2018 Review

   12/09/2018 at 14:16       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Review by Rich Boulton.   Codemasters’ F1 series has been enjoying a steady rise in quality over the past few years, culminating in 2017’s very complete package. It offered a strong and engaging career mode, some classic content, fantastic on track racing with excellent AI, and decent online options. So where next for a franchise that needs to appear on the shelves precisely 12 months later? The answer is, in many ways, more o...
Narcosis Review

   12/09/2018 at 12:03       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Review by Dean Davis.   Narcosis is a first-person horror game set on the ocean floor. You are the only survivor of a deep-sea methane mining crew killed by a devastating earthquake, you are tasked with surviving the disaster and making it back up to the surface. Unfortunately, you are not alone. The setting and the overall plot are both interesting and somewhat fascinating, but the game is let down by some poor decisions, with a weirdly dated co...
Flat Heroes Switch review

   30/08/2018 at 12:03       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Review by Alex Vaughn.   Have you played N? You’re a black, sprinting, jumping, wall jumping, nameless ninja who has a taste for gold and is, for some reason, trapped in an endless cycle of death. Each level providing the chance for more gold but attempts more and more aggressively to murder you instead.  It is Awesome. It has been iterated on for decades, including the ridiculously fully featured Switch release of N++...
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