Kingdom Come: Deliverance From the Ashes DLC Review

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance was a real belter of a game, a realistic medieval RPG like nothing else on the market which scored top marks over here on AATG. Developers Warhorse have been pretty forthcoming with the patches and updates, which is great to see, and From the Ashes marks their first paid for expansion to the game. Here Henry will find himself rebuilding the village of Pribisalvitz, which was being held by a bunch of motley bandits. You don't have to have com...
Hockenheimring Returns for F1 2018

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F1 2018 returns with its latest instalment on August 24th and includes for the first time the excellent Circuit Paul Ricard, home of the French grand prix, as it returns to the F1 calander after a 10 year hiatus. Circuit Paul Ricard is joined by 20 other official F1 circuits from around the world, including the famous Hockenheim ring. “It is always fantastic to have the real F1 drivers spending time with the game and giving us feedback on the handling and the game as a ...
Red Faction: Guerilla Re-Mars-tered Edition Review

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Where does the time go? Back in the heady days of 2009 there was no American Wotsit snorting his own farts in the oval office, nor a UK desperately trying to kick itself in the balls as hard as it possibly can. But there was Red Faction: Guerilla by Volition, the lovely people responsible for the Saints Row series. THQ Nordic have chosen to show the game some love in this so called Re-Mars-tered edition, fully reworking the graphics with juicy new textures and specul...

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Review by Rich Boulton.   Any Playstation VR owner will know that you need to be careful in selecting titles to buy for the platform. The promise of VR has inevitably led to a number of low effort, or at least low achievement, titles that will be a sure fire waste of your cash. So what to make of the new VR update for Kona, a low key title from Canadian developer Parabole, originally released to the console in tired old 2D in March? The g...
Conan Exiles Review

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Review by Terry Bonds.   Once in a while I find myself late at night getting lost in YouTube, stay with me there is a reason for this start, one of those nights I'd somehow got onto the lonely island again - which is no bad thing - they are bloomin' funny.  I digress from my digressing, I'd only ever watched the video for dick in a box, I didn't know Justin Trousersnake and Andy Samberg had gone and done two "sequels".  So there I was watching 3...
Moonlighter Review

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Review by Sam Gibson.   This a great game. It’s a fun game. It looks, sounds and plays nice. There’s a compelling two-tone dynamic that finds you playing for considerably longer than originally anticipated. It’s charming and easily learned while having a breadth that keeps supplying new things to chase, new things to do.  It’s hot and sunny outside and I really want to head to the pool with my young daughter. You have ...
Onrush Review

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Review by Rich Boulton.   Codemasters Evo, formerly Evolution Studios of Motorstorm and Driveclub fame, wondered what would happen if you took the best clips out of a Fast and Furious trailer, of metal grinding metal and outrageous looking cars slamming into each other, and made an entire game out of it. They also wondered what happened if you made a hybrid of an arcade racer and a competitive team-based shooter. It turns out that what y...
Omensight PS4 Review

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Review by Ashley Fiddes.   Omensight, from spearhead games makers of Stories: Path of Destinies, is an action/murder mystery game in which you, the harbinger, must solve the murder of the godless priestess and save the world.  You appear suddenly on the morning of the apocalypse and find yourself experiencing a war between the Pygarians and the Rodentians.  As you progress through the path laid out in front of you, you witness,...
Runner3 review

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Runner3 is an ugly game, that's not a criticism, it's pretty much what developer Choice Provisions were going for. Imagine a cross between Ren and Stimpy and the awesome puppet web series Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared and you'd be some way there. Not content with all this visual splendour your ears will also be accosted by one Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario himself! I hope Nintendo don't know you are moonlighting, Charles, their lawyers are formidable I hear. ...
Space Hulk: Deathwing Definitive Edition Review

   22/05/2018 at 17:42       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Review by Ashley Fiddes.   Space Hulk: Deathwing Definitive Edition on the PS4 is based in the popular Warhammer 40k universe.  Originally released on PC in 2016 the enhanced edition sees it land on PS4 for the first time.   The game sees you take control of a librarian in Deathwing, the 1st company of the Dark Angel’s chapter of space marines, as they enter a giant dead ship – the space hulk.  The first th...
Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review

   15/05/2018 at 16:51       CHRIS OTOOLE       1 COMMENTS.
Review by Ror Brennan.   After the closure of Darksiders' development house Vigil Games back in 2013, fans have been left wondering what next for Joe Madureira, the erstwhile Marvel artist who had co-founded the studio to tell the comic book-inspired tale of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. While War and his brethren have since moved on to THQ Nordic however, under the stewardship of Gunfire Games (itself home to former Vigil develope...
Dragon's Crown Pro PS4 Review

   11/05/2018 at 12:31       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
You know what I love? A bloody good side scrolling beat-em-up. Us fans of the genre have been starved of a good brawler for years now, but in one corner of the globe we have a stalwart hero, namely Vanillaware, who are probably most famous for developing the Odin Sphere series. In Dragon's Crown Pro they have prettied up their original 2013 release to a full 4K and added a wonderful orchestral soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto. And by golly doesn't it look beautiful and sound l...
Frostpunk PC Review

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Review by Dean Davis.   Frostpunk is the new game by 11-bit studios the creators behind This War of Mine. It aims to bring the harsh choice making scenarios and survival aspects from This War of Mine to the city building genre. The game is set in 1886 the single greatest year in living human history as it was in that year that Arsenal Football Club were formed (u wot m8? Ed.)… Also, the weather ...
Masters of Anima Review

   10/04/2018 at 16:11       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
  Review by Ashley Fiddes   Masters of Anima takes place in Spark, a world where creations called Golems are summoned by shapers using Anima. You follow the story of Otto, a young Shaper who feels that the Golems are being misused and as such reluctant to join the Shapers ranks. Unfortunately for Otto, due to his engagement to the Shaper Supreme he is forced into taking the Shaper exam to become a Master.  During the exam (in wh...
X-Morph Defense: European Assault Review

   03/04/2018 at 12:50       CHRIS OTOOLE       0 COMMENTS.
Review by Dean Davis X-Morph Defense: European Assault is a blend between an old school shmup and a wave-based tower defence game, the nice twist with this title is that it actually depicts you as the invading alien force come to conquer Earth. You are given an array of different weapon types with which to dispatch enemies and the ability to cloak yourself which lets you move through objects and remove yourself from dangerous situations where you may have bac...
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